It Ain’t Easy


   A student’s job is to pass all the subjects taken in each semester. There are lots of challenges and failures that comes to drag you down. There were times that optimism seems to exist nowhere. It seems that you’ve taken a wrong course and that you should’t belong to a certain college department. Someone would say, “Those are challenges. You shouldn’t give up.”,”Maybe your best wasn’t good enough.”,”There are always second chances.”,”GOD has reasons for everything to happen.” There were lots of words to say and advises to speak out. If only you’d know and really feel how it is hard to take up Civil Engineering. There weren’t reasons to give up your dreams. If you really wan’t it desperately you’d do everything. But, if everything you did wasn’t enough what would you  do next?
    Is it to give up? Is it to transfer to another school? Is it to stop? Yes, those were in the minds of students who are very down at the moment of there failure. You can’t tame there bewildering emotions because you weren’t in their shoes. You can say words, phrases, sentences, etc. Your advises will just repeat again and again and it won’t sink in the minds of totally down person. You can make them smile for a moment but there hearts are bleeding. It ain’t easy to accept the fact that your dream seems to go away from you.
    In this kind of situation it is yourself  that can advise you. Yourself to think clearly the right things to do. Yourself to think of the plans that once very clear in your mind before the failure. Yourself to accept the failure and think it either ways. There aren’t failures. There only realizations that your way isn’t the right way to succeed. Realizations to open yourself to billion ways to success. It ain’t easy but our success isn’t for the others sake. It is ours and only ours. Those ways that we’ve tried isn’t a disadvantage but are advantages because of those we discover new things, new cycle and maybe new innovation. To give up your dreams. IT AIN’T EASY!

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